We are thrilled to announce that publication work on the 2nd Edition of the JBBA has commenced!

The JBBA has received some of the best peer-reviewed research articles on blockchain for inclusion in the printed version and is set to launch in December this year.

“The Cost of Trust” by Sinclair Davidson, Jason Potts and Mikayla Novak of RMIT University as well as “Blockchains as Implementable Mechanisms: Crypto-Ricardian Rent and a Crypto-Coase Theorem” by Prateek Goorha Ph.D. and many more…

The demand for distribution is growing strongly and is already looking at a 3X larger distribution than the inaugural 1st edition.

You still have time to become an Academic Partner by sponsoring the journal but sign up soon since there are limited spaces available as it is to be published soon.

So Hurry Up Now!!

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