Announcing Featured Authors and Institutions in the Upcoming 12th JBBA Issue!

👏 Huge Congratulations to all authors and their institutions whose research is being featured in the upcoming *12th* issue of The JBBA!

🌐🎓 Your work will be showcased inprint at more than 800+ leading universities worldwide, as well as read by more than 1 million+ readers and policymakers a month in more than 150+ countries via Directory of Open Access Journals!

✍🏽 “Compensation in DAOs: A Proposal”: by Sinclair Davidson of RMIT University, Australia:

✍🏽 “Rewarding Honesty in Blockchain-based e-Commerce”: by David LEE Kuo Chuen et al of Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS):

✍🏽 “Work for Decentralised Autonomous Organisation: What Empirical Labour Economics Can Tell Us about the Decentralised Digital Workforce?”: by Dr Nataliya Ilyushina of RMIT University:

✍🏽 “Web 2 vs. Web 3 Paths to the Metaverse: Who Is Leading? Who Should Lead?”: by Mary Lacity, Jeff Mullins et al of University of Arkansas, USA

✍🏽 “The Tokenomics Audit Checklist: Presentation and Examples from the Audit of a DeFi project, Terra/Luna and Ethereum 2.0”, by 📈 📈 Dr Stylianos Kampakis, CStat 📊 et al of UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT), UK

✍🏽 “Towards Fair Presentation of DAO Treasuries: An Evaluation of Native Governance Token Reporting Practices”: by Hamman Schoonwinkel of Technical University of Munich and Stellenbosch University: