BBA at Future of Cryptoasset Regulation Summit

BBA’s Centre for Evidence Based Blockchain has been invited to the ‘Future of Cryptoassets Summit’ where our president, Dr. Naseem Naqvi FRCP FBBA will be speaking alongside speakers from the UK government, HM Treasury, Financial Conduct Authority, Bank of England, et al.

BBA will contribute to the high-level discussions around the #UK Government’s proposals for the regulation of #Cryptoassets, The Bank of England’s view on the introduction of a #CBDC, and harmonising the regulatory approach to digital currencies, among other important agenda items.

BBA members and partners will receive a 20% discount with code: CRYPTO3BBA

#Blockchain #DLT #FinTech #BBA #CEBB
#EvidenceBasedBlockchain #Regulation #Law #Cybersecurity
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