(Blog written on LinkedIn by Dr. Jane Thomason, Advisor, the British Blockchain Association)

Lord Christopher Holmes has taken a huge leap forward in presenting his report to the House of Lords on “Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for Public Good.”


He exhorts the British Government to take a lead role in the testing and application of digital technologies, because of its potential to transform public and private services and the relationship between citizen and government. It’s a massive step forward for blockchain proponents in the UK. Other countries are moving fast on public sector applications, look at Eastern Europe, Mauritius, Kazakhstan, Singapore and Dubai to name a few.

The report lists a number of areas that Britain should focus on including border control, taxation, public safety, health assurance, food standards, cyber security and procurement and payments. The recommendations include a range of measure to build cross government, public and private collaboration and citizen awareness.

The report is visionary and the Lord Holmes is to be congratulated on his leadership in this transformational area. Part of being a global leader in DLT also includes harnessing its international development program to enable emerging markets to prepare for digital transformation, and to use the power of DLT to reduce poverty and inequality and to solve global problems such as climate finance and green energy. We hope to see this UK global leadership as well.

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