Dr. Jane Thomason PhD joins the Advisory Board

Dr. Jane Thomason PhD has joined the Advisory Board of the British Blockchain Association. Dr Thomason is an Adjunct Associate Professor, Author and a Blockchain Commentator. She is a former Team Leader at World Bank and Asian Development Bank and was a Judge at the London Blockchain week and London Fin-tech week, 2017. She was also the judge at Consensys Blockchain for Social Impact Hackathon, 2017. Dr Thomason is an Author on Blockchain as an accelerator for Women and Children Health and has several publications in peer-reviewed journals on Blockchain and Climate Finance. She is a Project Lead for numerous international development programmes and has been a Keynote speaker on Blockhain at Silicone Valley, Washington & London. She is an entrepreneur managing over $200 million & 650 staff across Asia-Pacific.


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