‘In Blockchain we Trust’ but what is the COST of trust?

‘..In blockchain we trust’, but What is the COST of Trust?

Approx. 35% of U.S. employment.

What is the economic value of Blockchain Vis-à-vis conventional ledgers? What are the key US occupations adjusted for CoT?

JBBA research by Australia’s leading economist and contributor to Australian public policy debates, Dr Mikayla Novak.

With co-authors Professor Jason Potts and Professor Sinclair Davidson of RMIT University’s Blockchain Innovation hub.

Infographics by Centre for Evidence Based Blockchain (CEBB).

Unique JBBA Digital Object Identifier:

#Blockchain #Trust #PublicServices #Employment #Economy #Governance #FinTech #Economy #Cryptoeconomics #smartcontracts

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