JBBA launches Author Services for Non-native English speaking researchers

In partnership with Editage, the Journal of The British Blockchain Association (JBBA) has launched a translation and language editing service for non-native English speaking authors. The new initiative would make JBBA a truly global platform by extending the reach and availability of its services to a much wider audience. It will also help improve the clarity and impact of the submitted paper and allow reviewers and editors to focus on the scientific content of the research.

Writing a scholarly blockchain paper requires the research work to meet an acceptable level of written English. Many non-native English speakers often struggle to put together a paper that is free of written English errors (language, grammar, spelling and punctuation). The JBBA now offers a unique solution to this problem. Launching the new service, Dr Naseem Naqvi, the Editor-in-Chief of the JBBA, said:

“A lack of English language proficiency must never be a barrier to publication of well-conducted research. English appears to be the primary language in which blockchain and cryptocurrency research is published, however there is some ground-breaking work being conducted by non-native English speaking researchers. Unfortunately, that work would never see the daylight due to being rejected on grounds of poor English. This will no longer be the stumbling block now — the new Author Services will ensure that the best science reach the global audience it deserves, irrespective of the first language of the researcher.”

JBBA and Editage share a promise to enable all scholars to clearly communicate their blockchain research to an excellent standards. By providing high quality and affordable language editing and translation services, we are helping to level the playing field for researchers from non-native English speaking Blockchain and Crypto research markets.

Editage, the world’s leading language translation and editing services provider, is trusted by Elsevier, BMJ, Wolters Kluwer, Wiley, Taylor & Francis, COPE and hundreds of other internationally renowned publishers and institutions. It provides a comprehensive list of language editing, translation, proof reading, and copy-editing solutions.

To learn more about JBBA Editing and Translation Services, visit:


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