📍TRUST MODEL FRAMEWORK for Blockchain-based Food Supply Chains

🚨 Blockchains have been experimented in Food Supply chains, however there is a Problem:

💡Relying solely on blockchains to improve the integrity of food supply chains have been met with many challenges around the trustworthiness of traceability data.

🚀 This paper addresses this gap by proposing an adaptable and extensible FRAMEWORK that combines blockchain with a MULTI-TRUST PACKAGES-BASED TRUST MODEL.

✍🏽 Research from Oratile Leteane and Professor Yirsaw Ayalew of University of Botswana, Africa.

✅ Published Open Access in The JBBA:

✅ Indexed in DOAJ and Web of Science, read by > 1 Million readers a month

Review Editor:

Professor Dr Benjamin M. Cole, Ph.D. FBBA, of Fordham University, USA

This paper will be featured in the upcoming *13th* issue of The JBBA (April 2024).

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