Prefigurative Post-Politics as Strategy: The Case of Government-Led Blockchain Projects

New JBBA Peer-Reviewed Research:

*Government-Led Blockchain Projects*

Funded by the European Union’s #Horizon2020 Research & Innovation Programme under the #MarieCurie Grant, this research from scholars at Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands, and Coventry University, UK, explores ‘Post-Political’ Blockchains, the metapolitical narrative, Algorithmic Governance, #transformative capacity and challenges of #Government-Led blockchain projects.

Published #Open #Access in The #JBBA, FREE to immediate and full access, share and download, by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Authors: Syed Omer Husain , Dirk Roep and Alex Franklin

Indexed in #DOAJ: Thank you to our Editors Professor David LEE Kuo Chuen 李国权 and Dr Sebastian Cochinescu, the Review Board, and the Managing and Handling Editors, for their valuable contributions. #blockchain #Government #PostPolitics #Strategy #Crypto #evidencebasedblockchain #scholarsinblockchain #EU The British Blockchain Association ®️

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