Prof.Dr.Kevin Curran

What is the Academic future of Distributed Ledger Technologies?

Blockchain Research: What does the future hold for Stakeholders?

The Road Ahead: What are the Challenges of exploring Uncharted territories?

Professor Dr. Kevin Curran will share his views on the future of Blockchain at the ISC2019, 12 March, London.

Prof.Dr.Jim K.S Liew

What are the key challenges faced by Blockchain researchers?

Should universities establish Blockchain ‘Centres of Excellence?’

Professor Dr. Jim Kyung-Soo Liew, Ph.D. of The Johns Hopkins University will share his views on the future of blockchain at the International Scientific Conference, ISC2019,12 March, London.

Prof.Dr.Andrew Mangle

Professor Dr. Andrew Mangle, Ph.D., CISSP, PMP, CISA of Bowie State University USA will be speaking at the ISC2019, sharing his vision for the future of DLT and the importance of Evidence-Based Blockchain.

Prof.Dr.John Domingue

HOW would you set up and manage a Blockchain Research Institute?

HOW to search for ‘the Best and the Brightest’ minds?

HOW to train & mentor talent in Blockchain space?

Professor Dr. John Domingue of Knowledge Media Institute at The Open University will share his expert insights on how to position your institution at the forefront of post-hype, Blockchain revolution.

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