The 3rd Edition of The JBBA to be published soon!

We are pleased to announce that the 3rd Edition of The JBBA is going to print soon. The organisations that have sponsored our previous editions received global recognition, widespread praise and international visibility. Your organisation’s logo will be featured on the front cover of the journal.

The print copies of the journal are distributed worldwide to all major Universities, Blockchain Research Hubs, Members of the UK and EU Parliaments, The House of Lords, Banks, Fin-tech Think Tanks, Thought Leaders, Investors, Influencers and Policy Makers. The journal is read in over 150 countries and territories, deposited at all 5 National Libraries of Britain and is indexed in Google Scholar. In the last 6 months, JBBA has received tens of thousands of page views and article downloads.

To sponsor the JBBA and support the Open Access dissemination of peer-reviewed Blockchain research, please get in touch with our journal admin team at, or visit

Limited spaces available and offered on a first come, first served basis.

(L): The JBBA Inaugural Edition, July 2018 — (R): The JBBA 2nd Edition, December 2018

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