The Journal of the British Blockchain Association (JBBA), Europe’s first peer reviewed journal dedicated to blockchain, has published 2 new articles looking at how blockchain can be used to gain greater trust in public systems and how the public can utilise blockchain to get ownership of their personal data.

In Marcella Atzori’s article, Blockchain Governance and The Role of Trust Service Providers: The TrustedChain® Network she discusses the role Trust Service Providers may play in permissioned blockchains, providing a reliable ecosystem in which services can be safely developed and preserved.

As case study, the paper outlines the main features of TrustedChain®, the first blockchain network of European Trust Service Providers specifically designed for highly sensitive sectors, with cutting-edge applications for public administration, e-government, banking, e-health and industry.

Emphasis is placed on systemic trust, law compliance, adequate technical performance, confidentiality of transactions and the long-term preservation of data as essential conditions for blockchain networks to thrive and accomplish complex tasks in an effective and reliable way.

In Simon Schwerin’s article, Blockchain and Privacy Protection in the Case of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): A Delphi Study Schwerin looks at how, with the introduction of new data protection rules, blockchain could give the ownership of personal data back to the individual.

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