What exactly is Corda?

How does it achieve consensus? Is it a blockchain or a non-blockchain distributed ledger? Is it public/private? permissioned?/permission-less? Open source?

What are some of the best use cases of R3 Corda? How to get stared with Corda at your work place: where to seek more info and training?

Learn the fundamentals of Corda, in our next in the “7 Questions” webinar series with Richard G Brown, CTO of R3 and BBA Board member, on 18 June, 6:30 pm BST. (This is a BBA *members-only* event). The webinar is CPD accredited and participants will receive a #certificate of attendance. BBA members will be sent the session log-in details in due course.


#EvidenceBasedBlockchain #R3 R3

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