As a CEO of a Hospital, why should you learn about Blockchain?

What problems can Blockchain solve for your patients RIGHT NOW?

Which TYPE of Blockchain? How to deploy? What problems in the Healthcare systems can Blockchains NOT solve?

What are the 3 BIGGEST CHALLENGES in the deployment of Blockchain for Healthcare?

Patient records on the Blockchain: just the #hash? Entire data? #Encrypted data? What if the patient wants them to be permanently deleted?

Learn the fundamentals of Blockchain for Healthcare in our “7 Questions” webinar series with David Houlding CISSP, CIPP, Principal Healthcare Lead at Microsoft, and Advisory Board member, The BBA.

Date & Time: Thursday 18 July, 6:30 pm BST. (This is a BBA *members-only* event). The webinar is #CPD accredited and participants will receive a #certificate of attendance. #blockchain #healthcare #DLT

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