Why should students care about blockchain technology?

By The Blockchainers Team; Dominic Comley, Dalia Marica, Samuel Gibbons and Lewis Laidin of University of Manchester.

Blockchain technology, dubbed the greatest new invention since the development of the internet, has rapidly caught on since its inception in 2008. While the majority of you will have heard of blockchain technology as the technology that underpins Bitcoin, very few people understand the true potential that this innovation could have in reshaping modern society as we know it.

So, what is blockchain technology I hear you ask?

In short, the blockchain is a distributed ledger where transactions can be recorded and validated without a third party. It is unique in the fact it allows different parties that do not trust each other to share information without requiring a central administrator.

Whereas previous databases are stored at a central point, blockchain is stored on a series of nodes located all around the world.

So why haven’t I learnt about it at school?

Universities and schools have been extremely slow to adapt their courses to such a rapidly changing technology. This is understandable when you realise blockchain technology is in its infant stages, with academics and politicians only now beginning to grasp the true implications that this exciting new concept can have.

However, despite our education system running at a speed comparable to browsing internet explorer on your grandmother’s ancient PC, can students really afford to fall behind along with it?

We believe the future economy will be built on this technology, therefore as students it makes sense to get ahead of the game and learn about it now. With it not being unheard of for graduates with experience in coding blockchain to be offered jobs with starting salaries of £100,000, the time to act is now!

Beyond the potential for high salaries within blockchain companies, the World Economic Forum predict that by 2027, 10% of global GDP is going to be stored on blockchain technology, cementing the idea that this emerging industry cannot be ignored.

If you make steps to become an expert in this technology now, you will be one step ahead of 99% of the population, which in doing so will make you an invaluable piece in arguably the most disruptive innovation of our time.

For more information on blockchain, and how you can start a Student Forum at your university, visit www.britishblockchainassociation.com.

The British Blockchain Association (BBA) is only UK-wide organisation to encourage and facilitate the adoption of blockchain technology across public, private and third sectors.

Dr. Naseem Naqvi, BBA co-founder said:

“There is an impending need of universities to offer Blockchain education. According to figures, graduates searching for blockchain-related jobs have increased by 223% in the past 12 months. In order to give graduates a better opportunity of landing the position they want in this emerging space, it is prudent that universities look into establishing high quality educational programmes on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Here at the BBA we are very keen to work in close collaboration with the universities and academic institutions to provide support, and to work towards the advancement of this revolutionary technology”

If you want to join your local BBA Student Forum or to create your own please visit https://www.britishblockchainassociation.com/bba-student-forum

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